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June 2009



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Jun. 28th, 2009

Bake the Puffs



Since the last update/post was in 2008, I'm guessing FF gave up on this series? Does anyone know if anyone else is scanlating the series? I heard it is still going on...

Mar. 21st, 2008


Papillon Fanlisting

Hi Papillon fans!! As you may know, Chrysalis is a fanlisting and scanlation site for the series. Some changes are occuring, and to put it simply, Chrysalis is closing. HOWEVER, the scanlations are still happening, and can be found on the Fuuchi Fighters website. So if you've bookmarked Chrysalis, please change your bookmark to Fuuchi Fighters.

Another announcement is that there will be no new chapters released until late April or early May. I'm really, really sorry about the inconvienience; Koko and I are both starting to study for our final exams and neither of us can afford to fail our courses! :)

Also, if anybody is interested in adopting the Papillon -Hana to Chou- fanlisting (listed at AFL, please send me an e-mail at chisa@royal-hours.net. Otherwise, the fanlisting will be closed. I will wait until March 28, 2008 for applications, if any!

Feb. 26th, 2008

Forced to Smile


(no subject)

Yay! I was just reading chapter 7 of this series from the Evil Empire, and I saw the add for this livejournal community. I'm surprised that there is one--pleasantly surprised!

I hope the membership for this series, and this journal increase since this series has snagged me. Jeez, I really shed a tear in the latest chapter. I'm not sure how many chapters haven't been scanlated yet (if there are some), but I really can't wait for the next release.

Am I too naggy if I said that we should get some people around to making wallpapers, avatars, banners, fan-fics and anything else that would increase the advertisement for this series. I am too far ahead of myself, ne?

Sorry if my excitement is speaking for me--I don't even know if I've formed coherent sentences here  XP --but I really believe in supporting manga-ka's to the fullest.

Aside from all that jibberish, hello everybody!! I am AlterFeBe!

Feb. 19th, 2008


Chapter 7

Hi everyone!

Papillon -Hana to Chou- volume 2, chapter 7 is released :D You can download it here:

Here @ .rar format
Here @ .zip format

Hope you like this chapter! Sorry about the long delay, midterms, urk!

Jan. 29th, 2008



(Testing ... testing ...?)

Welcome to papillon_htc, the first LiveJournal community dedicated to Ueda Miwa's Papillon -Hana to Chou-! Remember to read the userinfo for the rules of the community. Otherwise, feel free to jump right in and get things started! Share goodies or discuss the story :)

Papillon chapter releases will be announced here from now, rather than at x_merotic. As a head's up (and to make this first post not so useless), chapter 7 is scanned and partially translated, so it should be released sometime in the near future!